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By Aki Inomata, quite literally taking the hermit crabs ability for carrying their home on their back, the Japanese artist crafts architecturally inspired shells from plastic for the crabs, with miniature cities on them. I think another fantastic aspect is the transparency, how you can see the anatomy of the crab even when they withdraw is just fascinating.


'The Hyena and Other Men' (photography by Pieter Hugo)

The first time I met up with the hyena men, as they have become known, the group was staying in a ramshackle three-bedroom apartment in Dei Dei Junction, a suburb of the Nigerian capital, Abuja. The animals were housed in specially constructed boxes. Every member of the party had sores and scars on their faces, legs and hands - legacies of times when the animals suddenly turned hostile and pounced on their handlers with their teeth and claws.

We use a heavy stick to hit the hyenas on the head when they misbehave,’ Abdullahi said. ‘We knock them down on the ground. All of us hold the sticks in case the animals become aggressive.’

However, Abdullahi’s daughter, six-year-old ‘Mummy’, played with the animals with no sign of fear. She even rode a hyena as if it were a miniature, slope-shouldered pony. ‘She cannot be harmed,’ said Abdullahi. ‘It’s the same thing with the snakes and monkeys. She has taken a potion of traditional herbs and has been bathed with it. So her safety from the animals is guaranteed for the rest of her life.’

The animal handlers make use of herbs, concoctions, powders, amulets and esoteric incantations to catch and train their captives, protect themselves against harm and build up their own confidence. Amulets are also placed into ‘akayau’, metal rings tied around the men’s ankles, to enhance their dancing skills. The handlers believe that humans are capable of transforming themselves into animals such as hyenas, hence the need for powerful voodoo charms and incantations as protection. ('The Hyena Men', Adetokunbo Abiola)


nordin seruyan photographs a snail in central borneo asking a frog if he wants a ride


This seem cool but I don’t know what do you think good idea or bad idea


This seem cool but I don’t know what do you think good idea or bad idea


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King Krule - out getting ribs